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Why do we need more women angel investors?

We want more women entrepreneurs! And more women in leadership and on boards of directors. These are the headlines in the Danish media and business community. The increased focus is positive. There are many good initiatives: visibility campaigns, role models, better parental leave, etc. Yet, there is still a large gender imbalance; only 27% of new entrepreneurs are women, 19% members on the boards of directors are women (0 women on the board of directors of 44% of Danish companies) and only 25% women in top management positions at executive level in Denmark.

So, how can we change this? One of the things we can do is try to change the access to capital for startups, as these are the companies of the future in Denmark. International data shows that women are more likely to invest in women entrepreneurs. Therefore by increasing the number of women angel investors, this can lead to more women entrepreneurs and a greater number of women in corporate leadership. Furthermore, as an investor in startups, it is also common that investors obtain board positions. Since data shows that women are skilled investors and entrepreneurs, it will be a good investment to promote greater gender diversity in the startup investor community.

Today, about 9/10 angel investors are men, who invest about 6% of their capital in women-only founder teams and about 70-80% in male-only founder teams. This picture is similar in the venture capital community. This is a problem for the survival rate of women founders because about 90% of investment capital to startups come from angel investors and venture capital. Therefore, we need to change the gender imbalance in the startup investor community.

This report focuses on how we can increase the number of women angel investors. We want to understand the investment behaviour of women angel investors in Denmark, about whom we currently have no data: Who are they? How do they invest? Which areas are they interested in investing in? We also want to identify the barriers that hinder women from getting started as new angel investors. So that we can activate untapped talent and create growth in Danish society and industry to the benefit of all.

Enjoy the report and hope you get inspired.


CEO & Founder of Angella Invest

Download the english version of the report here👇🏼

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